In the News: Inverse Covers Women in Science Now

In the News: Inverse Covers Women in Science Now

October 25, 2023 by Lisa M.P. Munoz

As featured in Inverse:

Practitioners of science spend their lives conjuring questions and searching for answers. Despite the pursuit of truth, Lisa M. P. Munoz has found that the sciences are riddled with systemic biases in plain sight. Throughout her career, first as an engineer and later as a science communicator, she has experienced this firsthand and listened to numerous similar experiences from colleagues.

In her new book — Women in Science Now: Stories and Strategies for Achieving Equity (Columbia University Press, 2023) — Munoz shines a spotlight on the experiences of more than a dozen researchers across fields like paleontologygenetics, and psychology who’ve encountered gendered and racial biases, how it influenced their careers, and what we currently know about discrimination across the sciences.

Inverse spoke with Munoz about her book…

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